Vietnam Tire and Cryptocurrency

vietnam tire cryto payment methods

Vietnam Tire and Cryptocurrency

Vietnam Tire Cryptocrurrency

Vietnam Tire will open Cryptocurrency payment

Why King Tire is the Rank 1 Vietnam Tire

King Tire is rank 1 Vietnam Tire supplier with Biggest Brand Tire manufacturer in Vietnam: DRC Tire.
King Tire Vietnam is the leading supplier of Radial tires and Bias tires in Vietnam, not only that. The agricultural tires and off the road tires are also very prestigious in the international market as well as domestically.
Currently, King Tire , which exports tires to more than 65 countries. And the market is expanding day by day.
King Tire is leader Vietnam Tire with strategy: Always Update New Technologies and Blockchain is next level of King Tire Vietnam.

Competitive advantage of King Tire Vietnam when apply Cryptocurrency payment

So what is cryptocurrency and New payment method in future of King Tire.
Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, designed to serve as an alternative medium of exchange for fiat money. Cryptocurrencies use algorithms to secure and validate transactions as well as to control the establishment of new units within a given cryptocurrency network. Basically, a cryptocurrency is a form of a limited input database that no one can change without meeting certain predefined conditions.

Consider applying cryptocurrency payment strategy when buying and selling DRC tires – Brand of King Tire Vietnam in future if the Vietnamese government agrees to digital money in commercial transactions.

To promote the trend of buying and selling online and international trade to be easier. We, KING TIRE, are always thinking of market trends.

As you know, the payment for international purchases is done through many intermediaries and many steps. That wastes precious time on both sides. If the payment method was widely adopted globally, with just 1 click, the merchant would receive the money from the buyer. Very safe and convenient.
We have been thinking a lot about this payment trend. But currently, many countries, and like Vietnam, have not yet accepted this type of payment.

What are cryptocurrency coins will be accept payment at King Tire Vietnam?

In King Tire Vietnam Plan of Cryptocurrency payment methods, we’ll apply for DRC Tire Brand firstly with accept all of top 50 cryptocurrency coins example:
– Bitcoin – btc to payment vietnam tire
– Ethereum – eth to payment vietnam tire
– Tether – Usdt to payment vietnam tire
Hopefully, one day in the future, digital money is widely adopted worldwide. At that time, KING TIRE will be the first enterprise in Vietnam to support this trend and become leading Vietnamese company applies blockchain in payment.
We’ll update this payment methods in next post and after Vietnamese goverment agrees, King Tire Vietnam’ll report all channels and send new update via email for all of customers.

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